Solutions for the health, safety and comfort of workers

The challenge of sustainable development starts with personal safety. For ourselves and our customers, worker protection is the main area in which we need to make concrete investments. This is why we want to continue to focus our energies on the research and development of products and PPEs that best represent concepts of good design and high performance. We want to increase the value of health and comfort by applying it to the hand protection and material management systems.

We firmly believe that safety must be accessible and easily managed in the workplace. This is why for 15 years we have worked tirelessly to offer automated solutions for the distribution, collection and management of materials (PPE, spare parts, tools, etc.) in production facilities.

In 2015 we launched a new range of innovative machines, designed and manufactured in Turin according to Industry 4.0 criteria, in the perspective of the Smart Factory of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to meet the growing needs of Lean Thinking companies and the most topical Lean Management logic.

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