MECSPE from 28 to 30 March 2019

Soon in Parma the MECSPE Fair will begin, the exclusive panorama for the manufacturing industry. Safety Systems Industrial Vending, a division of Lanzi Group, will expose its innovations in the field of Integrated Logistics Industry 4.0, Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Safety Systems and PPE. There will be 12 thematic halls, squares of excellence, demonstration [...]

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Smart Logistic for Smart Factory

In the field of auxiliary materials (MRO, tools, PPE, ...) the need arises to have automated distribution points in the areas of use for 24/7 availability and traceability. The market awaits integrated logistics solutions built with the Industry 4.0 criteria to meet the needs of Smart Factories. For this reason we will attend to the [...]

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Il Gruppo Lanzi, con le divisioni Safety Systems, parteciperà come sponsor alla Safety Expo 2018. Si tratta di un evento esclusivo, incentrato sulla formazione dei responsabili della sicurezza, che offre la massima visibilità per le aziende specializzate di settore, accessibile a chiunque sia interessato. Nel nostro spazio espositivo troverete Novità importanti. Per Safety Systems Industrial [...]

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Towards a presence in Poland always more important. Lanzi Safety Systems, present for 40 years in the field of protection, will join the SAWO International Fair 2018 from 24 to 26 April, to meet on the Polish market all the best international dealers of the sector. From the perspective of Lean Management concept, since 2015 [...]

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