Software functions
Enabling the withdrawal of the assigned products to users according to their job profile.
Comply with the pre-set maximum withdrawal limit.
Identify users that are withdrawing less than the pre-set minimum product withdrawal limit during working days (which may be calculated also for the actual working days if interfaced to the HR System).
All vends are recorded in real-time as well as the attempts to get an unauthorized or exceeding limits PPE.
Warning on low stock products level, by constant monitoring and alert e-mail sending.
In case of frequent job rotation the software can interface with both HR and EHS managements.
Automatic job profile assignment according to the settings configured at customer’s care (department, job requirements, cost center…).
The loading plan can be set up for various products on the same plate.
The withdrawal can be bound to the disposal of an used product into Argo GR PRO.
Detailed or brief reports with summary tables and trend graphs.
Argo Pro Reporting

All data are stored on the Company server. Data mining is available anytime in the most common formats (Excel, CSV, pdf)

Detailed report

Report Dettagliato

Detailed, customizable reports

Brief report

Report Sintentico

Summary reports customizable with techniques similar to Excel® pivot tables

Analytical report

Report Analitico

Analytical reports customizable according to selected parameters (by plant, department, cost center, etc.)


Report Analitico

Customizable graphs in various formats complete with detailed information

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