Cut and sewn welding glove in split leather with palm lining in cut-resistant knitted fabric


• Palm lining in para-aramid fabric reinforced with steel fibre for excellent cut resistance
• Excellent thermal performances: resistance to convective heat 3 (more than 10 seconds) and to small drops of molten metal (more than 35 drops)
• Para-aramid stitching for extended durability
• Inner cotton lining for increased comfort


• Perfect for heavy-duty welding tasks
• Automotive and mechanical industry for handling oily metal pieces with rough edges
• Heavy duty handling of very sharp and abrasive pieces
Model GT74KW
Environment Dry or slightly wet/oily
Construction Cut and sewn
Glove material Cow split leather palm, back and cuff
Shell material Para-aramid fabric reinforced with steel fiber, additional lining in cotton
Cuff Safety cuff
Length (mm) 395-420
Size 8, 9, 10, 11
Packing Bag: 10 pairs / Carton: 40 pairs
Ambidextrous No