Seamless knitted cut-resistant sleeve


  • Elasticized HPPE-based yarn for flexibility and breathability even after long usage
  • Velcro® strap for improved fit and secure hold while in use
  • Contact heat resistance 1 (100°C for at least 15 seconds)


  • Arm and forearm protection against cut risks from very sharp pieces, always combined with a cut-resistant glove
Model VFKK154
Environment Dry
Construction Seamless knitted
Shell material High tenacity elasticized HPPE/polyamide/spandex yarn reinforced with mineral fiber
Gauge 13
Coating Uncoated
Upper edge and cuff Upper edge with Velcro strap. Elasticized knitted wrist.
Length (mm) 510
Size One size fits all
Packing Bag: 10 pieces / Carton: 100 pieces
Ambidextrous Yes