Seamless knitted cut-resistant sleeve with thumb hole


  • Elasticized HPPE-based yarn for flexibility and breathability even after long usage
  • Velcro® strap for improved fit and secure hold while in use
  • Ultra-thin elasticized thumb hole for higher convenience and comfort
  • Contact heat resistance 1 (100°C for at least 15 seconds)


  • Arm and forearm protection against cut risks from very sharp pieces, always combined with a cut-resistant glove
Model VFKK154T
Environment Dry
Construction Seamless knitted
Shell material High tenacity elasticized HPPE/polyamide/spandex yarn reinforced with mineral fiber
Gauge 13
Coating Uncoated
Upper edge and cuff Upper edge with Velcro strap. Elasticized knitted wrist with integrated polyamide/spandex thumb hole
Length (mm) 570
Size One size fits all
Packing Bag: 10 pieces / Carton: 100 pieces
Ambidextrous Yes