Seamless knitted cut-resistant glove with double coating in smooth nitrile with sandy finish and energy absorbing pads


  • First coating in liquid-proof smooth nitrile
  • Second coating in nitrile foam with sandy finish for an exceptional grip in oily environment
  • Fully open back to limit sweating even after long usage
  • Significantly higher abrasion resistance compared with a smooth nitrile coating
  • Thumb crotch reinforcement in special fabric featuring high abrasion resistance
  • Cuff with Velcro® strap for increased comfort


  • Heavy duty handling of sharp and rough objects with added absorbing pads to buffer the pressure on the hands
  • Reduction of the risk of occurrence of callosities, bladders, dermatitis, cut and abrasion injuries
  • Handling of heavy and slippery equipment and tools, pipes, chains, sharp sheets
Model GDY437V
Użytkowanie – środowisko Suche lub umiarkowanie wilgotne/zaolejone
Konstrukcja Bezszwowa
Materiał podszewki wewnętrznej High tenacity elasticized HPPE/polyamide/spandex yarn
Ścieg (ilość igieł) 13
Pokrycie Double layer: liquid-proof smooth nitrile and nitrile foam with sandy finish
Obszar pokrycia Palm
Wzmocnienie Absorbing pads
Obszar wzmocnienia Palm
Ściągacz Elasticized knitted wrist with Velcro® strap
Długość (mm) 225-275
Rozmiar 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Opakowanie Bag: 12 pairs / Carton: 72 pairs
Oburęczna Nie