Cut and sewn glove with microfiber palm and injected energy absorbing gel pads


  • Micro-injected gel pads on palm and metacarpus
  • Special microfiber palm featuring high abrasion resistance
  • Polyamide back in ladder-proof fabric
  • Ultra-thin polyurethane coated fabric on fingertips for outstanding tactility in precision handling
  • Extended elasticized wrist


  • Manual assembly of parts through voluntary impact in jobs where it is necessary to absorb energy on the operator’s hands in the metacarpal area and external side of hand.
  • Reduction of the risk of occurrence of work-related diseases such as the carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Manual fixing of glasses (after automated assembly), assembly of spoilers, front and back bumpers, side bumpers on commercial vehicles. 
Model GPRG72
Użytkowanie – środowisko Suche
Konstrukcja Krojona i szyta
Materiał rękawicy Microfiber palm. Ladder-proof fabric back. Polyurethane coated fabric fingertips
Wzmocnienie Micro-injected gel pads
Obszar wzmocnienia Palm, carpus and metacarpus
Ściągacz Elasticized knitted wrist
Długość (mm) 275-305
Rozmiar 7, 8, 9, 10
Opakowanie Bag: 1 pair / Carton: 50 pairs
Oburęczna Nie