Seamless knitted polyamide/spandex glove with nitrile foam coating and energy absorbing pads


  • Absorbing pads internally sewn on palm and on fingertips of thumb, index and middle finger 
  • Highly elastic shell and ergonomic design to ensure dexterity and comfort in case of extended usage
  • Enhanced grip in moderately wet/oily environment thanks to the foam nitrile coating, not in contact with the user’s skin
  • Technical touch-screen suitable fabric on fingertips of thumb, index, middle fingers
  • Black para-aramid stitching for extended durability


  • Manual assembly of parts through extended pressure in jobs where is necessary to absorb the pressure on the fingertips and on the palm
  • Reduction of the risk of occurrence of callosities and bladders
  • Insertion of connectors of cables on the car side and the engine side, insertion of engine cover joints in presence of vaseline
Model GPRG74
Użytkowanie – środowisko Suche lub umiarkowanie wilgotne/zaolejone
Konstrukcja Bezszwowa
Materiał podszewki wewnętrznej Polyamide/spandex
Ścieg (ilość igieł) 15
Pokrycie Nitrile foam
Obszar pokrycia Palm
Wzmocnienie Absorbing pads
Obszar wzmocnienia Palm and fingertips of thumb, index and middle
Ściągacz Elasticized knitted wrist
Długość (mm) 225-275
Rozmiar 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Opakowanie Bag: 12 pairs / Carton: 144 pairs
Oburęczna Nie