Driver style cut and sewn cow grain leather glove with cut-resistant lining in technical yarn


  • Full inner lining in high tenacity technical yarn for excellent mechanical performances (cut resistance level E according to EN388:2016)
  • Bovine leather of selected thickness for the right balance between comfort and durability
  • Good impermeability and grip of the grain leather in the presence of oil residues
  • Contact heat resistance 1 (100°C during at least 15 seconds)


• Automotive and mechanical industry for handling oily metal pieces with rough edges
• Heavy duty handling of very sharp and abrasive pieces, also in presence of low contact heat risk
Model GT514DY
Użytkowanie – środowisko Suche lub umiarkowanie wilgotne/zaolejone
Konstrukcja Krojona i szyta
Materiał rękawicy Cow grain leather palm and back
Materiał podszewki wewnętrznej High tenacity technical HPPE/polyamide yarn reinforced with mineral fiber
Ściągacz Driver
Długość (mm) 240-270
Rozmiar 8, 9, 10, 11
Opakowanie Bag: 5 pairs / Carton: 80 pairs
Oburęczna Nie